Perspective is a Superpower

Thirty-six years old. A practising attorney, family man, and disability rights advocate in Washington DC, United States. Josh Basile's life changed forever at eighteen years old. Overcoming mental barriers, everyday life obstacles and the true understanding that perspective is a superpower. Josh was in the ocean with his boogie board on a family holiday. At that … Continue reading Perspective is a Superpower

Climbing Changed Paraclimber’s Life Post-Accident

“I decided I wanted to be a physical education teacher, so I went to Edge Hill University in Liverpool. Four weeks passed, I woke up in a hospital,” explains Kenneth. Strength, perseverance and exceptionally inspirational. A truly remarkable story about how climbing changed a paraclimber's life post-accident. In 2012 at age 21, Kenneth Ellacott suffered … Continue reading Climbing Changed Paraclimber’s Life Post-Accident