I got back up.

It’s not the accident. It’s not what happened. It’s not the injuries I sustained. It’s not the recovery. It’s not the operations. It’s not why. It’s not how. It’s not when. It’s about how you get up. I got back up.

Everyone has a story. Individual to themself. A story in their own way of the day their lives changed.

I want to share their stories. Their recoveries and their perspectives. Their physical and mental barriers. How they continue to overcome their everyday. I want to share their voices so they can be heard. How something like sports has impacted their lives. Their journeys of getting back up in their own amazing, motivating and creative ways.

This is for all those who are going through something. You are not alone. It may seem hard. It might feel as though you will never get through. But perspective really is a superpower. I got back up. So will you.

You have got this. Immerse yourself in the stories.

I would love to share your story. Contact me if you want your voice heard.