About the Writer

So you want to know more about the writer?

I love to write if that’s not a given. Sport and Travel, you’ll find it all here.

After years of deliberation, I jumped into my passion for writing due to circumstances out of my control, and so here I am. Sport and travel have both always been my life. More specifically in travel comes adventure. I am a writer out exploring adventures. The mountains, the outdoors always call me.

I was always ‘that’ girl who was into sports. It doesn’t matter what, I like it. When I write about sports though it is other people’s stories I want to share. How sports impacts their life and why. Every story no matter what, who, how and when is an inspiration. I want to share their worlds with you.

My love for adventure is described in my stories. Combining sport and travel unleashes new perspectives, experiences and ideas. So does watching Marvel movies, I highly recommend those. My superhero name is Bionica, but that is my own story for another time.

Embrace your browsing and indulge in my stories.

Feel free to critique – I’m a boxer, I’m always ready!

Talia x

The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.

Walt Disney

Let’s build something together.