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Explore Bled, Slovenia this summer, and discover the Top 8 Things to do

Slovenia, a hidden gem in the midst of Europe, is known for its beautiful winter ski resorts and unforgettable summer mountain and lake adventures. In the Upper Carniolan region of northwestern Slovenia lies a town in the foothills of the Julian Alps, the breathtakingly magical Bled. A spellbinding escape for every season with mesmerising wonders to uncover. Explore the Top 8 Things to do in Bled, Slovenia this summer.

Christmas lights are already twinkling, and December is looming. The winter holidays are taking form. As we begin to dream of warmer seasons, here are the top 8 ventures to discover in Bled next summer. One of the most beautiful Alpine resorts in Europe. Unleash your wanderlust and explore all the natural and cultural treasures Bled has awaiting you.

Lake Bled captured from Bled Castle

8. Summer Tobogganing

Open from spring to autumn, the adrenaline-filled chute is a thrilling experience for all ages. Summer tobogganing is a sledding track situated on the Straža ski slope above Lake Bled. Take a chairlift or pleasurable stroll to the top, the 520-metre fun-filled track offers spectacular views of Lake Bled, Bled Castle and the mountains of the Slovenian Alps.

Upon the chairlift on the Straža ski slope to the toboggan ride

7. Bled Castle

A cliffside, medieval castle watches over the emerald-green Lake Bled. The 11th-century Bled Castle is the oldest in Slovenia dating back to 1004. Housing a museum, chapel and printing house. Along with a blacksmith’s workshop and wine cellar. The picturesque castle and architecture have a fairytale essence. Experience views spanning to the Gorenjska region encapsulating high mountains. The castle comes to life with many medieval and renaissance events throughout the year. Embrace its history, bottle your wine in the castle cellar, and indulge in feeling like a royal.

Bled Castle atop the sheer cliff lit up at night

6. Vintgar Gorge

One of the most enchanting experiences of unspoilt nature, Vintgar Gorge, carved by the Radovna River, will leave you in a trancelike state. Only 4 kilometres from Bled, the gorge is open from April to November. Fresh alpine air will tingle your senses as you walk beside the crystal clear water. Making your way along wooden bridges, through canyons, admiring waterfalls, pools and the Bohinj Railway Bridge, this captivating masterpiece of nature is a 1.6-kilometre trail in paradise.

5. Ojstrica Hike

Marvel at the enchanting landscape of natural beauty from the jaw-dropping views of Ojstrica. Discover the famous, panoramic view that encompasses the entirety of Lake Bled and unrivalled views of the Julian Alps. A short yet steep hike, the trail takes you on a journey through high trees, tranquil nature with a wildly romantic and iconic lookout ending. There is no better way to explore Bled this summer.

The famous Ojstrica hike viewpoint of Lake Bled

4. Lake Bled

Journey on and around the glacial Lake Bled in a multitude of ways. The awe-inspiring, blue-green lake is Bled’s most enthralling attraction of unique beauty. Ride on the lake on a traditional pletna boat. Made by the locals, these wooden boats are a trademark of Bled. Sit back and relax as the oarsman embarks to Bled Island. Fancy a more intimate ride? Rent a rowboat and paddle your way. Master stand-up paddle boarding or be at one with nature and dive in the exquisite water. Or, if you prefer to be on land, then take a stroll, go for a run, or rent a bike and cycle around the entirety of the lake. These are all equally enchanting ways to fully embrace the lake in all its wonder.

Pletna boats on Lake Bled accompanied by Bled Castle on the cliff

3. Bled Island

In the heart of Lake Bled sits a tiny, tear-shaped island, Bled Island. Atop the island is the Pilgrimage Church of the Assumption of Mary, with its steep, historic staircase and wishing bell ringing in the bell tower. Legend says that all those who ring the bell will have their wish come true. Experience the panoramic views of Bled from the centrepiece of the lake. Dare to swim or voyage on a boat. Before you leave ensure to indulge in a slice of the traditional Slovenian potica cake from the island bakery Potičnica. Explore Bled, this summer, especially it’s delicacies!

Bled Island, atop the historic staircase

2. Bled Cream Cake

Immerse yourself in the original Bled culinary treat, a mouthwatering delicacy known as the Bled cream cake. Traditionally made since 1953, this delicious dessert will leave you wanting more after every slice. Delicate puff pastry atop layers of vanilla cream and custard, you absolutely cannot leave Bled without indulging in a slice, or ten.

1. Paragliding in Triglav National Park

With an element of magic and feeling of soaring like an eagle through the sky, leap off the side of a mountain and paraglide your way home. Experience a once in a lifetime, unforgettable adventure and take off from the Triglav National Park. Entwined with stunning panoramas of Lake Bohinj and the Julian Alps choose between an introductory flight from Mt. Vogar (990 metres) or a panoramic flight from Mt. Vogel (1,682 metres). Whirl your way from the edge of the mountain to the base, and don’t worry, they can provide sick bags en route down!

Paragliding from Mt. Vogel with 3glav Adventures

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