No Place like The Dolomites

Dolomite, a stone that if it could be redesigned to fit an entire kitchen, it would. A piece of The Dolomites at home. Albeit, it would take away the miraculous beauty and childlike excitement of going to what is the most beautiful mountain range ever witnessed. There really is no place like The Dolomites.

Northern Italy. Think of Venice, Verona, even the beautiful hidden gem in between both, Vicenza. Three equally picturesque and effortlessly perfect Italian towns. All with the finest local pizzas. After a night indulging in the atmosphere of one of these towns, pack the car, trail and climbing shoes first, a head torch and an abundance of food, and head north for roughly two hours.

As the cities are left behind, the wilderness gracefully emerges. The terrain is coloured in greys and whites as the rock faces tower. The air is crisp yet warm as the mountains are coated with rays of sun.

Pale di San Martino, Trentino (2700m)

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, The Dolomites encapsulates 18 impressive mountain peaks all rising more than 10,000 feet (3050 metres). Regarded as being one of the most attractive mountain landscapes in the world. A spellbinding diversity of colours surrounds the outdoors with contrasts of rolling meadows and forests, lakes and rivers and bare pale-coloured rocks. Glaciers lie at higher levels with 41 in the region, and vertical walls, sheer cliffs and deep-long valleys entice all eyes.

Renowned for skiing in the winter months, rock climbing, cycling, hiking and BASE jumping in the summer, spring and autumn. The nights are enjoyed wrapped up in an alpine lodge or under the stars amid the mountains. For a starry night’s sleep, ensure you have a bottle of red wine, a camping stove for mountain midnight pasta and an extra lamp to distract the incoming moths. Otherwise, you’ll indulge in cheesy moths in pasta. A little bit of extra protein didn’t hurt anyone. Fall asleep beside Pale di San Martino (2700m) and wake immersed in a mysterious lunar landscape, hungry to discover Altipiano delle Pale, a stone plateau with fifty square kilometres of bare rock.

Mount Lagazuoi (2800m)

There is a multitude of ways to explore this magical landscape. A ride in the cable car or hiking on the Frontline Trail leads you up to Mount Lagazuoi (2800m), a short distance from the easily accessible summit of the Piccolo Lagazuoi. Take in the breathtaking panoramic views of the surrounding peaks revealing in all their magnificence. From here the Fanes group, the Tofane (3244m), the Cunturines (3064m), Mt. Antelao (3264m), Mt. Civetta (3220m), the Marmolada (3343m), the Sorapiss (3205m) and Mt. Pelmo can be admired.

Embrace nature. Travel through hiking tunnels. Scale rocks in a harness, climbing shoes and helmet or take on fears and dangle off trails on a via ferrata. This rocky paradise is a living dream.

And immersed in the valleys, surrounded by trails, crags and forests are sparkling turquoises and emerald-green lakes. The mountains glimmer in the reflection of the waters. Morning coffee is sipped, and the sun rises over the horizon as there is no place like The Dolomites to embrace the morning.

Campanili di Val di Roda (2516m) as seen from Passo di Ball (via ferrata)

If it’s not sunrise, then a sunset hike through the mountains is mandatory. As the yellows and oranges from the sky slowly encompass the landscape, the stars begin to twinkle above as the wilderness drifts off to sleep. The head torch flickers on. The sound of silence amid The Dolomites is enchanting. As twilight begins to linger across the outdoors, the imposing beauty of the mountains is incomparable.

Embarking on a journey to explore and discover this spectacular mountain range is a magically unique and captivatingly astounding experience. There is no place like The Dolomites on this planet.

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